Introduction to the Group Resource Enhancement Protocol On-Demand

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Introduction to the Group Resource Enhancement Protocol On-Demand

Introduction to the Group Resource Enhancement Protocol (G-REP)

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About this Course:

The EMDR Group Resource Enhancement Protocol (G-REP) is a structured activity intended to enhance ego strengthening. It may be delivered to individuals and/or groups. Prior training in EMDR therapy is not necessary for the leader. This 60-minute course provides the protocol worksheet for group members, script for the leader, and instructions for effective delivery.

About the Presenter: Bill Brislin, MA, LMHC

Having fallen in love with the EMDR therapy model from the first day of his basic training, Bill enjoys passing on this treasure and takes delight in clinicians feeling more confident and effective in their work. 

Bill was fortunate to have been trained in the Recent Traumatic Episodes Protocol (R-TEP) in 2010 by its developers, Elan Shapiro & Brurit Laub. He became an approved trainer in 2016. In collaboration with Reg Morrow Robinson, he presented the first Group Traumatic Episodes Protocol (G-TEP) in the United States and to date, has conducted over 40 R-TEP/G-TEP trainings. 

Bill responded to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub mass shooting as a volunteer clinician and conducted a quickly arranged R-TEP/G-TEP training. Many of the other trainings he’s conducted have been in response to gun violence and other disasters. Along with virtual trainings, he has presented at Fort Hood (Texas), Chicago, Cincinnati, Toledo, Virginia Beach, Quantico Marine Base, and multiple Florida cities. 

After conducting EMDR basic training in Kyiv, Ukraine, Bill maintained relationships with Ukrainian consultees and trainees. While collaborating with other EMDR clinicians to provide group EMDR therapy to therapists affected by the invasion of Ukraine, he was one of the first therapists to deliver the new Group Resource Enhancement Protocol (G-REP), developed by Maria Masciandaro, to individuals lacking conditions of present safety. Maria and Bill coauthored a chapter, Group Resource Enhancement Protocol, published in “EMDR Group Therapy” (2024). He has developed a one-hour on-demand training on this protocol. 


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